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Città dei Maestri – a Bridge between School and Enterprises
Città dei Maestri is a Corporate Academy whose first aims are promoting the spread of a new profession – the booth assembler in fairs – and helping the youngest in the creation of a real Company for young people. Its success is due to putting human capital at first place. In fact, the most important resource in no matter what work activity is people power. This academy aims at helping in learning a real and tangible profession, in order to be inserted and launched in the working society with a real knowledge baggage. The dream has come to reality thanks to Mr. Giordano Pecci, the President of this school and Mrs. Karen Visani, its Project Manager. Their profound will to help people makes the difference between their school and thousands of other local schools/institutions. Furthermore, Mr. Pecci’s long-lasting experience in fair booths construction makes him the perfect teacher for this profession that is more and more requested worldwide.

However, in the long period Città dei Maestri (City of Masters, if we want to give a translation to it) aims at becoming a real point of reference for all those institutions/companies/agencies in the quest of the perfect worker, the one who fits perfectly for their needs.

How can it do it? Simple but not granted, people represent the success key in this process. Their skills and their abilities make the real difference, the school just detects them and makes them blossom. In a general view, acting as a linking vessel in the working society is the winning way to reach both workers’ and companies’ satisfaction.

We are open to work on developing Europen and international projects .
Feel free to contact us. We are ready to share ideas.

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